Independent Publications

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- highlighted in SynFacts

18. James, R.R.; Herlugson, S.M.; Varjosaari, S.E.; Skrypai, V.; Gilbert, T.M.; Adler, M.J.* One-pot reductive acetylation of aldehydes using 1- hydrosilatrane in acetic acid, SynOpen 2019, 3, 1-3. (view online or download pdf)

- highlighted in SynForm

17. Varjosaari, S.E.; Skrypai, V.; Herlugson, S.M.; Gilbert, T.M.; Adler, M.J.* Enantioselective Metal-Free Reduction of Ketones by a User-Friendly Silane with a Reusable Chiral Additive, Tetrahedron Lett 2018, 59(29), 2839-2843. (view online or download pdf). 

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- designated as Very Important Publication

15. Varjosaari, S.E.; Skrypai, V.; Suating, P.; Hurley, J.J.M.; Gilbert, T.M.; Adler, M.J.* “1-Hydrosilatrane: a Locomotive for Efficient Ketone Reductions”, European Journal of Organic Chemistry 20172017(2), 229-232. (view online or download pdf)

 - featured on cover of print issue 

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- featured on cover of print issue 

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- featured on cover of print issue

- appeared in the RSC themed collection “In Celebration of Andrew D. Hamilton’s Career in Chemistry”

- featured in Undergraduate Research Highlights by the Council for Undergraduate Research

Pre-Independent Publications

07. Adler, M.J.; Scott, R.T.W; Hamilton, A.D.  “Enaminone-Based Mimics of Extended and Hydrophilic α-Helices”, Chemistry:  A European Journal 2012 18(41), 12974-12977.  (view online or download pdf)

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- featured in ACS Virtual Special Issue: Peptide Chemistry, September 7, 2012, 1(2). 

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